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Qazi Investment is a privately owned and run firm making long-term property investments in pakistan. By expanding to new markets and exploiting innovative opportunities, Qazi investments becomes one of the leading global business entities.
We are providing lucrative but safe investment opportunites.The aim of this project is to enhance parallel growth opportunities, based on attractive returns for investors, users and the company itself.


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Qazi Investments is a Global Real Estate & Marketing firm that specializes in Pakistani Real Estate. We are a global market leader in Non-Resident Pakistani Market. Qazi Investments takes pride to serve their customers with reliable real estate projects from Pakistan.
In view of growing housing demand in the twin cities, FDHL intends to build a quality housing project on M2 Motorway near New Islamabad International Airport falling on the eastern route of CPEC. Capital Smart City aims to become first ever smart city in Pakistan and a model for sustainable development.

Sell your plots in Capital Smart City Islamabad

Capital Smart City Overseas Block

Overseas Block merely reserved for the overseas. Capital Smart City is the pioneer in introducing the exclusive block for foreigners. It has splendid location and facilities to offer. Its the most desired destination for the residence and investment.

Capital Smart City Executive Block

Capital Smart City Executive Block especially launched for dedicated customers. Its designed for those who pay their installments on time. Furthermore, Its unleash with outclass residential services.Executive block situated between River Sil and Golf Course.

Capital Smart City General Block

Capital Smart City society started from this block. Its the most oldest block. Additionally, the residential plots in General block laced with latest facilities and services. Its adjacent to overseas blocks. With respect to Area,its largest block of Capital Smart City.

Capital Smart City Smart Villas

Smart Villas introduce the concept of Smart Homes. Its all about home automation. In other words, it gives you complete control over your home through digital device. Advance technology utilized in Smart Villas to maximize the efficiency and comfort.

Property Types in Capital Smart City Islamabad


M2 Mall & Residencia

In addition, you can obtain these plots on a 3 years flexible installment plan. Since these plots have different features, they are classified accordingly. To suit different buyers, Residential Blocks breaks into three sub-blocks.


Capital Smart City

The commercial sector of Capital Smart City is the centre of attention for investors. There are 4-marla and 8-marla plots available with a flexible 3-year plan while 10-marla and 1-kanal plots are not available anymore.


CITI Housing Jehlum

Trivelles Smart Homes are modern accommodations where residents will enjoy all the comforts of life using hi-tech electronics and gadgets. We are the first to introduce such a smart lifestyle in Pakistan which is rapidly increasing in the developed countries to enhance the quality of life.


Ehsan Bussiness Hub

The Smart Villas provide an advanced, luxurious life. In addition, there are three unique architectural styles: Contemporary, Mediterranean, and Georgian. As a result, Capital Smart City provides you with the chance to pick from these three.



Capital Smart City Commercial Hub

Going solar drastically reduces your electricity bill to begin with. Within a short time, Your bills could drop down to almost zero. Solar is a one-time Investment with a guaranteed life of 25 years.


Hospitals, Schools & Police Stations

Don’t think of solar panels as an expense, think of them as a safe and high return investment. With massive returns that including saving costs to an opportunity to even earn money from your electricity.


Mosques, Parks and lakes

A one time investment in solar protects you from future rises in power costs. Solar power is reliable. Dependable and most importantly, cost to almost no energy costs, you will be insulated against potentially huge power bills & increasing tariffs.


24/7 Security and Surveillance

Research has shown that homeowners who have adopted solar, have increase the valuation of their home as compare to home owners. Any solar investment on your home will immediately increase the valuation of your property


Sports clubs, Hotels and Malls

A huge positive impact of on going solar is the massive reduction in Co2 emissions, the leading cause of climate change. Not only you generating dependable power for yourself that saves your money, but also you are creating cleaner and greener energy that’s saving the earth.


24/7 Water, Gas & Electricity

With solar, it’s always lights on. Power cuts will now become a thing of the past. Solar is dependable and always available you need.

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